Hotel Tester
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  • Deadlines
  • Announcements
  • Terms and conditions
  • Assessment
  • Prizes
  • Winners
  • Enjoying the prize
  • Exclusions and restrictions
  • General considerations
  • Privacy and security
The program will be developed through the microsite
The program will take place in a limited period of time, from its launching date on 1st January 2021 until 31st December 2021 (23:59 h according to the Spanish Peninsula local time). The winners will be announced on 24th January, 2022.
All the official announcements of the program will be made through Eurostars Hotels social media, newsletters or website. However, Eurostars Hotels reserves the right to use any other mediums to spread the activity if considered relevant.
Terms and conditions
To participate in the program, users will have to meet the requirements and conditions explained below:

All natural persons over 18 having a real profile in the program are eligible to participate.

Employees and relatives of Eurostars Hotels’ staff are excluded from the program.

It is a mandatory requirement to have stayed in a Eurostars Hotels establishment, regardless of its location.

The participants only can complete a survey for each booking made.

Each user is only allowed to participate as many times as stays they have enjoyed.

A guest may complete two or more surveys about a particular hotel, given that these surveys are linked to different booking numbers.

Users must answer all the questions of the survey.

Among all the users that complete said survey, 10 winners will be selected. The official announcement will be made on 24th January 2022 via e-mail.

Eurostars Hotels is allowed to publish the winners’ names in the relevant media.

Eurostars Hotels is not responsible for the possible computer breakdowns and/or temporary interruptions of the service, viruses and other elements that may alter the internet service and/or the e-mail.

The participants who do meet the requirements and conditions hereby specified will not be admitted to the program or will be excluded from it. Eurostars Hotels reserves the right to withdraw the prize from them, if they have been selected as winners.

By participating in this program, the user is accepting these conditions.

In order to select the winners, Eurostars Hotels summons a jury consisted staff members and experts in the matter, who will deliberate and choose the 10 winners who will be the Hotel Testers 10 2022. The decision will be based on the reasoning and justification of the answers; the detail level in the comments, and the creativity shown in the answers.
The prize for each of the 10 winners selected by the jury consists of ten free stays for 2 nights in double room (breakfast included) in any of the hotels belonging to the chain. The winners must redeem this voucher during 2022. The bookings will be subject to the hotel availability and the possible celebration of events in the destination.
The prizes are personal and non-transferable; they cannot be exchanged for their value in cash or other prizes. Eurostars reserves the right to change the gifts for others with a similar value in case of force majeure.

The traveling expenses from the place of origin of the winner and/or accompanying people to the hotel and vice versa are not included. The living expenses (except breakfast) or any other expenses related to the enjoyment of the prize are not included either. In general, any services not specifically established in the terms and conditions are not included in the prize.

The prize is subject to the relevant legal provisions and, in particular, to the current tax provisions, Act 35/2006, on the tax over the Income of Natural Persons and partial modifications to the Acts on Corporate Taxes, Non-residents Income and Estate, as well as to Legislative Royal Decree 4/2004modifying the Act on Corporate Tax, according to the Second Final Disposition of Act 35/2006 and its application guidelines.
Once the winners have been selected, Eurostars Hotels will contact them via e-mail or telephone within 48 hours after the decision made by the jury. After having been notified, the winners will have a maximum of 78 hours to accept the prize. The acceptance must be notified by answering the aforementioned e-mail or phone call.

In case that some of the winners do not accept the prize or that they do so outside the deadline specified above, another winner will be proclaimed following the jury's criteria in terms of quality and usefulness of the answers provided.

The winners are free to decide when they want to enjoy the 10 stays during the year, although these are subject to availability at the hotel chosen. The winners cannot stay in the same hotel more than once.

Once the booking has been made, having taken the winner's request and the hotel availability into account, the winners can cancel their stays. However, in doing so, the prize will be lost, there not being a possibility exchange it for any other kind of gift or service.
Enjoying the prize
When a Hotel Tester 10 Oficial makes use of one of the stays, they will have inform our Quality Department, which will provide them with a survey form for the hotel. The survey should be filled in during the three days of their stay; if the form is handed outside this deadline, the assessment will not be considered valid.
Once the form has been completed within said deadline, the Hotel Tester 10 should send it to our Quality Department for them to check the answers provided.
Exclusions and restrictions

Eurostars Hotels reserves the right to expel any participants from the program if they do not comply with the topics and contents stated in section IV.

The following attitudes and behaviours by the candidates during their participation in the program will imply that they are banned from it: (1) threatens against children, youth or woman protection; (2) invading or damaging the privacy of a third party; (3) inducing, inciting or encouraging any kind of criminal, denigrating and/or violent acts in any of their forms; (4) including violent or pornographic messages; (5) being in possession of a virus or any other computer codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functioning of any software, hardware or telecommunications system.

Likewise, Eurostars Hotels will ban those who infringe any laws from the program, regardless of their nature (civil, penal, etc.).

Minors are excluded from the program.

If the participant provides any false, inexact or incomplete details; or if Eurostars has enough reasons to think that the information provided is false, we will have the right to ban the participant from the program, even if the participant has turned out to be winner of the contest.

In general, Eurostars reserves the right to ban those participants who use dishonest and fraudulent strategies from the program.

General considerations
Participating in the program implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions in their entirety. In consequence, any manifestations of non-acceptance will mean the participant is expelled from the program. If this is the case, Eurostars Hotels will be deemed of any liability regarding the participant.
Eurostars Hotels reserves the right to modify the program conditions at any time. This includes the possibility to cancel the program before the closure of the campaign if there are justified reasons, and always committing to announce any changes or cancellations with sufficient notice. The terms and conditions will be public and available on the microsite.
Privacy and security
When applying for the program, the users accept that the personal details that have been or will be provided by them are included in a personal detail file under the responsibility of Eurostars Hotels, with address in Princesa, 58 principal, 08003 Barcelona for these purposes. Likewise, in accordance with section 34.e) of Organic Act 15/1999 of the 13th December on the protection of personal data, the users accept that any companies belonging to HOTUSA Group use their data to send advertisements and other commercial promotions via e-mail, SMS, MMS, or any other type of similar means in any company belonging to HOTUSA Group, as well as contests with prizes and the subscription to newsletters by said stated company. The details holder has the right to access the automated files at any time, being entitled to modify, cancel, and oppose to these as established in the data protection laws. If wishing to modify, cancel or oppose to their details being included in the files by HOTUSA group, the holder of the details can do so by sending an e-mail from the email address provided when applying for the program, indicating the action requested. In case that said e-mail address be inaccessible by the user, they will have to send a letter to: a) Princesa St., 58 principal, 08003 Barcelona. In any case, the communication should be sent via signed and registered post, stating the action requested and attaching a copy of a piece of identification.