Hotel Tester
You stay in a Eurostars Hotel
You complete our survey
Our Quality Dpt checks your answers
If you're selected, you travel for free
How can I participate?
If you have stayed in Eurostars Hotels before, you can become one of our 10 Hotel Tester and travel around the world with us for free in 2020. All you have to do in order to become one of these testers is to fill in a survey assessing your experience with Eurostars Hotels.

All the information that you give us will be analysed by our Quality Department and by external experts. Our professional team will select the candidates depending to the value and interest of their comments and ideas.

As an Official Hotel Tester 10 for Eurostars Hotels, you will receive ten free stays to be enjoyed in 2021 in any of the hotels belonging to the Eurostars Hotels chain. You can choose your destinations while helping us improve our services with your contributions.

We know that you like to say what you think. And we like to hear it. Welcome, Hotel Tester 10.
How to be the best Hotel Tester 10?

Always give honest, true answers. We like honesty!

Pay attention to all the details during your stay: the reception staff, the variety in the buffet service, the toiletries in your bathroom… Every detail influences your stay, and we would like to know what you think about your experience in order to make it perfect.

Tell us about any aspects that you have particularly liked or missed, even though they may seem negligible. It’s the little details that make a difference.

We are eager to hear your answers, but we are especially interested in the reasons behind your opinions. Don’t hesitate to give thorough explanations and be as specific about your experience as possible.

Suggest improvement ideas and possible solutions to enhance the customer experience.

Be critical, but make some positive contributions.